Saturday, May 12, 2012

So, Thursday was commencement, and Our son, after seven years of hard work and tremendous support from his beautiful wife, finally received his doctorate in Biology!! So proud of him I could burst! Friday was an awards and recognition ceremony. Besides that, we have gone on an airboat ride at Mr. Buffalo Tiger's place, gone on a sunset boat ride in the Keys, eaten at some fantastic local restaurants, tried new foods, visited the Everglades, gone to Robert Is Here Fruit Stand, met and talked with people from he Miccosukee tribe of Native people here, seen lots of interesting plants and animals, driven to Key Largo, soaked up a lot of fantastic sunshine, and pretty much had a fantastic time! Five of our seven kids are here together. I so wish the others could be here with us, but it is great to have this many together. Family ♥. 
Having your own personal biologist as a tour guide is definitely a bonus! ;-) Someone just has to say, "Thaddeus, what's that?" And we get the whole story. We have learned about the mating habits of alligators, and how they do this amazing community "dance" on late winter evenings, ending when they go off in pairs. Sounds beautiful and elegant! We have learned how the introduction of Python into the Everglades has affected the wildlife... apparently because people thought they wanted them as pets then changed their mind and let them go into the wild.
This is the first vacation trip we have taken in years! I'm soaking in every single moment of it.  It's so fun to have one little grandgirl with us who I rarely see, since she lives with her parents across the country from our home.