Saturday, June 26, 2010

Visit to the Gardens

Back in May, it must have been...

we visited the Gardens,

daughter and I

they are in full bloom

and there are some beautiful glass sculptures there right now

(These are the spiky ones that fascinated us sticking tall out of the ground like that.)

and we also saw a couple frogs that she wants to identify. This guy and one other.

the gardens never fail to delight us!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rainy Day On the Porch

I'm sitting on my porch listening to the rain. It whispers through the air, gurgles down the downspouts, splashes happy against the ground. Little raindrop footsteps stomp all over the porch roof, running, dancing over my head. Daughter is out in the wet grass, letting go the garter snake they found and caught a week ago. It seems happy. She is happy. I am too, here on the porch in the rain.

I love porches. On the porch I feel the air move, breezes blow my hair and slide warm and soft along my skin. On the porch I listen to the birds, watch the sun travel through the sky.

Or like today, on the porch I feel the rain without getting wet. The porch shelters. I smell the rain and feel the dampness in the air. The grass drinks up and sighs contentedly, and so do I. Rain releases tension, like breezes do, like a massage releases tension.

Cars riding on the wet road make a different sound than when the road is dry. Every rainy sound joins with the next to make a restful music of nature and wet. Rain music. A robin sings just now, the lilting melody that robins do. Nothing like it. It fits in with the rest of the Rain music, a little descant.

If I were inside the house, I would be missing all this music. All of it. I would be busy with things-I-ought-to-do-inside. But on the porch, I see, and hear, and feel nature. And I relax. It's like being on vacation.

Monday, June 7, 2010

bits of joy

counting gifts...

338. soaking wet kids coming in from the rain, all smileful.

339. spinach leaves, fresh raspberries, cashews, and poppyseed dressing make a delicious and healthy salad.

340. chiming clock

341. rainy days, good for slowing

342. loving the same man still

343. being loved by that same man

344. friends who pray for me

345. And who give me just the words I need to hear when I need them

346. learning about wild plants and their uses

347. recognizing the song of the robin, because it sounds like my phone's ringtone!


348. sometimes thinking my phone is ringing when I'm outside and a robin sings. If I were that bird I would be laughing at me! Good joke, Robin!

348. old fashioned lace doilies

349. following butterflies... in this case, with a camera. Not my good idea... my kids did this.

You have anything you're glad for this day??

Of course you do... what is it?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

a haiku


Warm marshmallows, soft
Almost crunchy graham crackers,
Rich, dark chocolate.

(I am learning that s'mores are better with crackers that are not too crispy. Let them sit in the cupboard a while before s'moring them for better results: yummier, less messy, easier to eat.)

(copyright klm)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Random Snippets

... of life here ...

... Lookin' out my front door. Blossom time was waning. Nice spot for sittin'.

Buttercups outside my back slider.

Precious grandgirl being a good little mama to her baby.

Buttercups climbing up through the back yard hose.

My spinning wheel and its shadow. It sits on the landing of the stairway in the living room.