Friday, July 31, 2015

Sharing Ann's post

Sharing Ann's post tonight.

"... maybe there is no need to show anyone who is right... Only a need to show our... tender and bruised underbelly... how we've beem burned and scorched and seared -- and how Jesus humbly came and showed us His scars and we touched our wounds to His -- and in that holy moment of scars touching sars -- w knew and felt and were healed by the Truth," - Ann Voskamp

Because sometimes it is less important to know who is right and true and it only matters to know the God who is True.

Maybe we need more real and less let me tell you, more love and less watch this.  Maybe sometimes we just need to be there and listen, and let Jesus do the loving right through us.  Maybe the way to do that, after we have trusted in Him, is to just soak in the love he shares with us, until we are so saturated with His love that it just starts leaking out of us and landing on others, healing them in all their broken and bruised places jut like we have felt it do for us.  Maybe it's not really any harder or more complicated than that... draw close to the Father, and He will draw close to you. Love God first with everything you've got, and love the person in front of you with the love that comes from Him and pours right through you.

Love heals.  Let's be healers.