Monday, November 16, 2009

Giving Thanks and Dancing in the Kitchen

Here comes another week, ready or not. I am tired and would wish for a little bit more weekend... one more day of rest. But here we go, the new week coming in on a new day. I wake wondering how things will go today, wondering where the energy will come from. I have studying to do, assignments to finish for a class I'm taking, laundry and dishes stacked too high and waiting for attention. The house needs me to get busy, and the children need my help with their schoolwork. Before I even get out of bed, before my eyes even open, I know I need help. Still lying between warm, wrinkled sheets I pray, "Lord, please help me this day to do what You want me to do. Help me, please, to glorify You in all I do." It always surprises me how a prayer submitted to His will turns as the words form in my mind, change from being about what I wanted to being about what He desires. There is nothing I want more than to please Him, after all.

So I get out of bed by faith, trusting that He will direct my day, my strength, and that He will help me accomplish what He wants. I start on the huge kitchen mess alone, with some music to accompany me. The music makes me want to dance, just for fun, and it feels good. When was the last time I danced and felt this joy? When I take a break for Facebook, I find a dear daughter's list of thanks-giving. This is vital, I know, this giving of thanks regardless of how I am feeling. Facts matter more than feelings, and the fact is that I am blessed - we all are blessed - with more gifts than we will ever know.

And today, I am thankful for:

209. Hot water for washing those dishes and laundry.
210. A helpful family.
211. A new day.
212. A God who knows how it is.
213. Furnaces! to keep the house warm and cozy when it is cold outside.
214. Warmer than average days for this time of year.
215. Sunshine! Not typical for November.
216. The fact that I am loved by God whether I feel lovable or not.
217. The fact that He can use me whether I feel usable or not.
218. Comfy clothes to work in.
219. The class I am taking, even though it is hard work sometimes.
220. Music for dancing in the kitchen.
221. The thankfulness lists of others, which remind me to give thanks.

When I choose to give thanks, my perspective invariably changes. Dancing in the kitchen helps, too! Joy grows and displaces the negativity that was settled in.

It could be that hormones, lack of sunshine, stress or other things beyond my immediate control contribute to a gloomy outlook, an anticipation of failure... but dancing in the kitchen to the praise music on the radio, and putting my mind on giving thanks... those things lift my perspective and energize my soul for the day.

May your day, too, be filled with thanks and joy!

Go dance!


  1. Love the List!

    Happy Gratitude Scribblings!

  2. Thanks for sharing Kath! You brightened my day :)

  3. Thanks for sharing those thoughts, Mama K. I too get out of bed especially some mornings by faith. It seems like I'm doing more and more by faith, at least I'm more aware of that. We can take so much for granted, thinking we can do something ourselves, or oblivious to all of God's goodness showered on us. Thanks for this good and timely reminder that we must think and live otherwise, in Jesus.

  4. Dancing with you... lovely list.

    I've added you to my blogroll...

    Peace to you


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