Monday, February 1, 2010

delights of daily life, a winter version

269. the quiet glow of pale blue snowscape under brightest moon, in cloudless sky

270. full moon rising huge

271. air so cold it feels crispy

272. crunchy footprints happening right under my feet

273. NOT getting stuck on the driveway-hill!

274. fireplaces, woodstoves, and the glowing orange they carry, blazing warmth right into our bodies

275. working in the kitchen with my children: making supper of hot soup, watching them create their own delicious recipes, or baking banana nut bread all together

276. roasting marshmallows in the toaster, on top of graham crackers, with a sliver of chocolate buried inside

278. the blackness of the night sky alongside a very full moon

279. stars twinkling

280. mysteries yet to be understood

281. warm sweaters

282. red

283. digital cameras

284. blogging

285. my new laptop, which I love not only for its beautiful white glossy coat,

285. but also for the way it helps me keep in contact with friends
and write papers for class.

286. the botanical gardens, especially in winter,
when warmth and green life is nowhere to be found outside,
but lush and abundant inside, and the air is moist and feels good to breathe.

287., where I get to choose my music.

288. Knowing that, even though the furnace doesn't work right now, I am still ok, and we are not going to freeze...what a great thing to be thankful for. Not everyone has this assurance. Some people are very cold right now and have nowhere to go.

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  1. I hear you....and your last paragraph reminds me of the homeless in our city, sleeping on top of warm exhaust vents. Love, J.


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