Monday, March 1, 2010

time for thanks ...

What a crazy full week, with full schedules and full heart, and head full of things to figure out, and feeling full-up-to-here! NOT the kind of week I prefer, that's for sure!! We finished the week with two concerts at different places, different styles... now that was good. Music is good for a weary soul, don't you think? And now... as I begin another week, I want to take a minute to be thankful. Gratitude pretty much cures what ails ya. God is good to me, always. Always. And if I am willing to see it, there are fun things, pretty things, silly things -- things that make me smile -- everywhere. OH, but sometimes I am so exhausted, it is too much work. That is the time it takes some effort, but choosing joy is wise and good and right. So here we go... some favorite things in no particular order...


289. dark brown, shiny bald heads

290. people dressed in their very best. or in jeans.

291. multi-colored light show on the walls

292. a good concert

293. leather coats

294. going someplace fun with the family

295. dry roads, so much easier to drive

296. the hat matching the coat, sort of

297. symphony concerts

298. friends who help out when you need them to

299. love

300. having a secret snack stashed in the purse for indulging myself when I need it

301. bargains at the thrift store for both of the kids

302. being warm enough in the winter

303. gluten free brownie mix

304. coming to the end of a way too full week, finally!

305. feeling successful, or better...knowing you are successful even when you do not feel like it.

(when life is full I don't write much. do you? I just deal with stuff first. maybe afterwards then I can. but anyway, have a good week, everyone.)

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