Monday, June 7, 2010

bits of joy

counting gifts...

338. soaking wet kids coming in from the rain, all smileful.

339. spinach leaves, fresh raspberries, cashews, and poppyseed dressing make a delicious and healthy salad.

340. chiming clock

341. rainy days, good for slowing

342. loving the same man still

343. being loved by that same man

344. friends who pray for me

345. And who give me just the words I need to hear when I need them

346. learning about wild plants and their uses

347. recognizing the song of the robin, because it sounds like my phone's ringtone!


348. sometimes thinking my phone is ringing when I'm outside and a robin sings. If I were that bird I would be laughing at me! Good joke, Robin!

348. old fashioned lace doilies

349. following butterflies... in this case, with a camera. Not my good idea... my kids did this.

You have anything you're glad for this day??

Of course you do... what is it?

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