Saturday, August 20, 2011

working at sunshine

today did not start out very fun.

so i am working at it.

working at bringing some sparkle to the day, which would otherwise be hard and dry.

like a stale biscuit.

without jam.

step one -
starbucks. something very large, decadent and sweet, with a coupon to make it free. free always makes it even better. settled on a venti, haf caf, soy, java chip mocha frappuccino with a shot of peppermint, afagato. with whipped cream and syrup. i think i pretty much maxed out my freebie coupon with that concoction. it was the perfect thing for this particular morning.

step two -
focus on Truth, like, "there is therefore no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus..." And "I will never leave you or forsake you." To know that I am loved unconditionally sure drives away discouragement of any kind!! Truth wins, every time, hands down! No matter the circumstances, I can wallow in His love! It's secure and it's always available.

step three -
spend some quality phone time with offspring far away. I love my kids so much! I miss this one and his family so much it hurts! But a chat on the phone makes them feel closer.

step four -
crank up the oldies and dance in the kitchen. made the daughter smile (because she's too polite to full out laugh). tunes from the 60s can really cheer up a day, plus dancing gets the blood flowing and is pure good fun!

so... it's coming along. this day is getting better. we'll see how it ends up. big storms are coming through. maybe they'll cleanse the air.

I hope your day is a good one! if not, tell me what you plan to do about it, please. I can always use more ideas.


  1. I am eating homemade goodies with the youngins and playing with blocks and deciding how to spend my spending money...toy shopping always makes me happy. Deciding between wooden stacking blocks that make neat cars or a wooden food set that you "chop up" and make into a apple pie that serves up into slices.

  2. My pick me up is little kids and playing with toys. Good thing I have a few. (: Anyway, we are cooking together today. Lasagna, garlic bread and cheesecake stuffed peaches. We also took some time to play with blocks and color, and listen to Irijah read "Go Dog, GO!" I may buy a new toy if something under $20 strikes my fancy.


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