Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Things that make me smile

These are things that make me smile...

139. little girls in yellow tutus

(This is my friend Ellie... isn't she sweet? Her mom took this picture.)

140. that bright orange Baltimore Oriole out on my picnic table!

151. strawberry shortcake (I ate the whole thing for lunch - a great big bowl! Sooo good!!)

152. Strawberries shaped like hearts...

153. picking lilacs to put in a vase on the table - fills the room with that scent that only comes at this time of year

154. blowing soap bubbles in the breeze and watching them float far over the countryside (or city-side, whatever... the world)

(It's hard to chase these little guys with a camera!)

155. sweet, floral-scented breezes bringing the smell of flowers I can't name right to my very senses.


  1. Great post! I always love your gratitude!

  2. Now I'm really wanting some fresh strawberry shortcake!! Yummy!

  3. Ha! Do you know that I grew up eating strawberry shortcake as a meal?! Often in the summer, we'd make my grandmother's wonderful homemade strawberry shortcake and eat loads of it for supper. :) To this day it is my favorite food. My entire family still does this - excpet for me - I tell them it's a dessert, and they act like I've committed treason!


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