Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Drumming at Festival

Festival here in Our Town is so great! It's a city-wide celebration of the Arts. Thousands of people come, and everyone seems so happy, relaxed, and friendly.
We come partly because we love the Arts, partly because we love the food!

I love drumming at Festival!

Here we are, my drumming friends and I.

These two men are the ones who have been my drumming instructors, Sunny on the left and Josh on the right.

Sunny was born in Nigeria and had a group there which traveled all over Africa and Europe bringing drumming and African dance to audiences. He's great. He began to teach me African drumming, and I loved it. He is also a great friend.

Eventually I began learning with Josh instead, and still am. He teaches Afro-Cuban style drumming and I enjoy learning with him.

Can you tell that I love doing this?

I really do.

One of the fun things about festival is the Audience participation. This
little participator was adorable.

"Sticks up",
Josh shouted to everyone involved, in order to give them a chance to listen to the instructions.

OK, there we go. That's better! Once everyone was together,
the people loved trying out the drums.

Meanwhile, I sneaked out my bubbles and started blowing them all over. It was good...
Jen, one of the more experienced drummers, grabbed one of the bubble wands and ran back and forth across the stage area, creating bubbles everywhere. We all loved it!
I was very glad I'd brought them along.


(Pics were taken either by Amy or KatyBeth... I don't know which are which. Thanks to both of them for handling my camera wile I was busy!)

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  1. Very nice. I love rhythm in that way as well. Looks like you've learned from the best. And quite nice pics. Deb and I were at the Festival, but on Saturday when it was overcast. We enjoyed ourselves there.


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