Saturday, June 13, 2009


Things the rain brings that I love:

156. Sitting and watching the raindrops fall gently


157. Gathering with the children in the living room during thunderstorms, opening all the blinds and curtains wide, and watching the lightning show!

"OHH! Did you see that one!!"

"Oh, that was bright!"

"So beautiful!"

"Wow, that one surprised me!"

158. Hearing their guesses as to the storm's distance as judged by the number of seconds between lightening and thunder.

After the rain...

159. Raindrops on clovers, catching the sun's sparkles and throwing them back.


160. Raindrops on flower petals... pretty!

And of course, the farmers are thankful for...

161. Refreshment for the earth and its crops. (And I am too.. that's my food in their fields.)

Rainy days slow us down and help us remember to relax, stop the hurrying and the flurried fretting. It's good.

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  1. Yes. I like rainy days for those reasons as well. They do help the bulbs we've planted and seeds, Deb especially the planter, and most definitely the planner.

    Nice pics, again.


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