Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Clothesline and its Pleasures

The dryer has quit. This dryer was a gift from friends when our previous dryer quit some time ago. It had been sitting unused in their basement and they were generous enough to give it to us when we needed one. We have gotten a lot of use out of it... but it isn't working right now. Actually, I think it just needs a heating element. Maybe we can replace that when the weather turns cool.

For right now we are hanging things out on the line! I love it! It feels so good in the mornings to go out and hang clothes, the warm sun shining on the backs of my shoulders. I get tan and the laundry gets done at the same time!

This week has been rainy, and that changes our laundry plans considerably. On Monday, we washed all the dirty laundry in the house, knowing it was the last day we'd be able to hang clothes out for a while. Then we took a laundry hiatus for four days. Today looks sunnier, so hopefully we can get more done. One load from earlier in the week was overlooked and has been hiding out in the washer for several days. I re-laudered it last night when I discovered it, and hope to get it out on the line today, along with whatever else needs washing. The whole laundry room has been collecting things and is going to need a straightening as we work today.

Hanging clothes on the line is one job here that I really enjoy. Besides the sun, I feel the breezes, and listen to the birds, which are everywhere around me. Sometimes they perch on the TV antenna up onthe roof and sing while I work on laundry. It's great!


  1. We've had that problem. If new parts don't fix the problem theres always craigslist!

  2. Miss you. Jayne


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