Tuesday, August 25, 2009


He sits on the bed beside me, with rainbow-colored candy. I thought I would take a nap, but here he is, coming to sit by me while he eats the candy I bought for him while I was out this morning, to let him know I love him.

We talk about Twizzlers.

How I like the black, he likes the red.

And how these rainbow-colored ones are softer than those.

We laugh together about my hormonal outburst this morning, the one where I rivaled Niagra...the one that led me to buy him candy to make up for it.

No one talks about life or death. Or bills, or money. Or real estate. Or what-are-we-gonna-do.

It doesn't matter.

We have now. We have: half-a-nap, some rainbow-colored Twizzlers, and us.

We have us.


Sometimes love fits so comfortably, so easily, that you hardly notice it's there.


  1. I'm craving twizzlers now. (-: How ya doing, friend? Thinking of you once again ~~<3 Jayne


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