Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Peaceful day

On this spring day, with gentle rains calming and quieting the whole outdoors, with leaves slowly unfurling in light yellow-green bundles at the ends of the branches, I find myself stilling too, and remembering the ongoing value of gratitude --  how it can set the mind and soul free from gloom, and send a ray of light into the deepest part of my spirit.

So I am thankful for: 

560.  texting the far away and dearly loved

561.  soft days when only a hint of sun filters through freshening rain

562.  that green that only comes in the early spring, promising the very best of times just ahead

563.  enthusiastic flowers shouting the new season in

564.  random notes of birdsong drifting in through windows

565.  moods - soft and mellow or wild and crazy - adding dynamics to life like the marks on a sheet of music.

    ...And while it's Cinco de Mayo somewhere, and partygoers revel with loud music and laughter and good food... right here it's time for rest. Later today a friend's dog is coming to visit for a week or so while they travel. Earlier today, one pet snake was discovered scooting sideways across the kitchen floor before it was recovered and replaced in its cozy home. Life is full. Life is good. 

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