Friday, October 26, 2012

Crisp morning at the market

What number was I on in the Joys and Thank yous list? I don't remember, but here are more anyway. Life is so filled with details worth delighting in, and every one of them is a gift from the Creator, the Father of Lights who never changes. It's great to stop and be grateful once in a while.

     554.  - Crisp air at the farmer's market this morning,

     555.  - eating a fresh, hot quiche (gluten free!) while leaning against an empty vendor's stall,

     556.  - and sharing the morning with a friend.

     557.  - Buying a ball of roving in hopes of spinning it into yarn,

     558.  - a bouquet of flowers to beautify the dining room,

     559.  - and some Osage oranges to set on the kitchen counter.

I feel so autumnal!

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