Tuesday, January 26, 2010

things I'm thankful for today

241. a well made cup of tea

242. curling up with a book

243. deer on our land

244. pockets (clothes without pockets make it hard to keep track of things)

245. victory

246. learning to love when it's hard

247. friends you can call when you need to

248. encouraging someone else only to find that I myself feel so much better afterwards... focusing on others helps me!

249. nuts in the shell, and getting them out

250. agave nectar and its many uses

251. looking at myself and feeling, "Oh, there you are!"

252. laughing with my children

253. apologies received

254. fresh snow over the old and dirty...so much prettier now

255. watching a new house going up, imagining how the new family will enjoy it

256. bluebirds in my yard - in January!

257. the crows coming back

258. snippets of birdsong on warmish winter days

259. snow angels sparkling in the night, telling stories of fun

260. trickling creeklets

261. walks

262. new shoes

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