Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Singing Anyway

Today is rainy and cold.... and windy. I wonder what the wind chill is today. It's not comfortable, it's nasty out, and frankly I would like some warmth and sunshine.

So I'm sitting here on my laptop and I hear a bird outside my window. Chirping! Happy-sounding little guy. How sweet!

And I think, "There he is out in the cold, wet rain... singing!" And here I am complaining about the darkness, the cold, the wind, the weather. Inside, where it's warm. With the lights on.

I'm not saying I have to pretend I have no preferences. I still would prefer nice weather... but I can sing! Can't we, even when things are not comfortable, choose to see what is good, choose to be thankful anyway?

Can't we sing?

Granted, there are times when life gets so heavy we have no song in us, but that's not most of the time. Most of the time we let little things get to us, and we lose our joy, or we ignore the joy that lies dormant in us.

Quit it, people, ok?

Let's sing!

Let's allow joy to prevail!


  1. Yes. Good thoughts. I really have to stay in the word and in the things of the Lord. Otherwise it's not long before the telltale signs appear and one of them for me is getting down. And this wet, cold weather can dampen our spirits, to be sure.

  2. Oh yes :) Joy...I could use a little of that lately.

  3. Yep, Ted, weather sure does make a difference in how we feel. But we can still praise, be thankful, and name the things that bring us joy... feelings tend to follow our actions to some degree. That's what I mean about "singing" even when I feel dreary. It's ok to feel dreary but I do not have to accommodate that or let it determine my actions or speech, or even my thoughts.

  4. Amy - you are a spreader of joy... I know you have joy in you. How about we take advantage of Starbucks half price frappuccinos (between 3 - 5 pm) sometime this week? Would that help? Their deal is good till the 16th, what do you say?


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