Friday, November 12, 2010

hot tea and apple butter

I'm sitting here this morning with a cup of hot, sweet tea...

I love a good cup of tea.

And toast.

With apple butter.

Oh, my!

The water came to a screaming boil, and was promptly moved by offspring who can't stand screaming.

This is very hot water.

Tazo. Awake. Good tea.

A good healthy dash of agave nectar....

A touch of milk...

And two ice cubes. While I make the toast.

Gluten free, rice flour, never tried this before, but it's good! It's delicious!

With apple butter. Oh, I love apple butter!

Apple butter makes me think of my grandfather, PeePop.

PeePop, because the oldest cousin couldn't pronounce PopPop when she was a tiny girl.

PeePop knew how to enjoy apple butter, and he taught us:

A half inch thick on the bread.

Half inch, got it?

Well, who are we to argue with the grandpa?

And so this morning, I savour tea, like my British aunt (on my mother's side) used to enjoy, and with it I eat toast and apple butter, like my father's father used to enjoy.

And my solitary moment is a reflection of my heritage.


Good stuff.

(linked to LL Barkat's "On, In, and Around Mondays" )


  1. Came over from L.L.'s Seedlings site. Good to meet you. This sounds very familiar, including the rice bread, but ours is gluten-free english muffins slathered in obscene amounts of coconut oil.

    Thank you for sharing...


  2. Oh, I am going to have to try the English muffins then! Is coconut oil really good that way? I've never tried that! sounds a little heavy to me, is it? Now you have me wanting to try it. :-)

  3. Yum! It does sound delicious, and heart-healthy as only connecting to our heritage can be.


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