Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Full Moon

The moon rose shining huge and golden in front of me as I was on my way home tonight. She was rising from - but still resting on - a soft bed of low clouds along the horizon. I was awestruck. The moon has so many moods, but is always elegant. Tonight her beauty was rich and full.

Dancing With the Moon

The moon and I danced together tonight
In honor of the One who created us both.
She danced up high in a silver-blue sky
While I danced here below.
The grass was soft beneath my feet
And cool, and wet with dew,
While she smiled down with her face full bright
From her dance hall draped in blue.
We danced together, the moon and I
And our hearts overspilled with delight -
As she smiled down, and I smiled up at her
On this wonderful, worshipful night.

(c) ~klm~ 7/20/2005

I am thrilled by:
60. The beauty of the full moon as it rises clear and bright
61. The way all nature shows the sweetness of God

(pic: The moon as taken from our back yard tonight by my daughter who is more clever with my camera than I am)


  1. What a beautiful pic and poem Kathy, thanks for sharing them both!

  2. Wonderful. I like both the poem and the photo. I haven't tried that yet, but a very nice pic.

    Yes, creation ought to evoke wonder, awe and worship of our Creator.


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