Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The sap is running!

Hello, winter-weary ones! I have news! Remember when I told you the sap would be running before the month was out? Well... check out Dean Ohlman's blog! The sap's running! I have not seen it in person because, like I told you, I'm not likely to make syrup this year and I don't want to go snapping branches off just to see. But this naturalist did, and he writes about it far better than I could. The sap is running. Pretty cool, huh?That means the trees are waking up, and we have begun the long ascent to springtime.

And it is a long ascent. I don't want to hear, "spring is just around the corner", because I heard that all the time when I was a child and wondered just how long a corner had to be, anyway. It takes time. Spring comes in tiny increments. But we are moving in the right direction, and we will get there. Yes, we are getting there, and every little sign of spring is a wonder to celebrate.

I am thankful for:

62. The awareness of sweet sap beginning to course through deep veins of bare trees, bringing them new life, even before spring actually shows herself - an assurance that she IS on the way.

Tiny shoots- daffodil, I think - making their way through the cold - but no longer frozen - soil outside my back door, February 11, 2009

Midwinter thaw, February 11th. Raindrops hang from rose bush branch. Each sparkling drop holds the whole landscape in it, upside down! Minuscule inverted trees, only for the enjoyment of those who take time to see.

63. Raindrops with whole worlds reflected inside.
64. Tiny green shoots fighting up through the soil, demonstrating that nature is strong enough to move great obstacles in its exuberant pursuit of life.

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  1. Kathy! This is wonderful. Thanks for the reminder at just the right time :)


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