Thursday, July 29, 2010

more favorites, with thanksgiving!

366. summer solstice. The peak of the year, full of sunshine - life affirming, energy-giving sunshine!

367. Junebugs, though there haven't been many this year. They have such a funny, clumsy way of being... always bumping into things and never quitting. Funny bugs.

368. Lightning bugs! Seriously, who would have thought of such a fun idea? Bugs that light up! I love them!

369. Balmy summer nights so delicious that I never want to go in to bed. I am seriously considering getting a futon or something outdoors so I can sleep out on those warm, wonderful nights.

370. Mocha-mint blended iced drinks... yes I know they are not good for you. But as a rare treat, they are so delicious!

(Yes, these are June blessings, and August is already here. There is still a possibility that I might catch up to life. It could happen! Still, even though late in coming, I felt they were
thank-worthy... so there you go.)

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