Monday, August 9, 2010

Rainy morning pleasures

371. slow, gentle rain

372. raindrops gathering in puddles on the glass

373. or gathering in little rivulets and running down together

374. thirsty flowers happy

375. mist rising behind the trees across the valley

376. stone path shining wet

377. driving through a puddle and splashing water high, like an upsidedown waterfall spraying all over... and then being glad the brakes still work afterward

378. going out to breakfast with husband on a wet, drippy, dark, comfy morning

379. Eggs done just the way I like them, with fried potatoes perfectly crispy around the edges, and just right in the middle. (and having them cooked for me.)

379. coffee with cream, because I can. Just this once. Probably.

380. thunder... and even a little lightning

381. getting wet and not caring, even if it makes me cold. It is so good to actually feel the rain once in a while

382. tiny crystal raindrops hanging, sparkling ornaments everywhere. The whole world is decorated now.

Can you see them? Fuzzy in the photo, but crystal clear in real life, just imagine!

There is so much beauty everywhere, and so often I don't see it...
I have to choose where to focus.

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