Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Solace and jazz

Today was busy
almost frantic
and solace was hard to find.
I sat and calmed
but only a minute -
quiet was hard to find.
I took a nap but even then,
peace ran right away.
I wanted solace but couldn't grasp it,
until tonight, when
I found some smooth, sweet jazz, and drank it down
with a cup of hot tea,
a speck of sugar, and milk.

(this post is in response to a suggestion at
who I only just recently discovered.
You should go visit!)


  1. Solace is a slippery little thing to catch! I like this animation of it.


  2. Finding solace in these little things, realer than ever, that we can just hold in our hands (or sway to). Yes, I love that.

  3. Music can really move and comfort us, can't it.

  4. Oh, dear! I apologize... I neglected to include the linkback from whence came the idea for a post on solace. When I realized my mistake, I was miles away camping in the wilderness and couldn't fix it until I got back. I am back, so here it is, and I will add it to the post as well:


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