Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Right Here

Right here, I sit and write, and wonder whether I ought to be doing something else.
Like laundry.
Or dishes.
Or at least supervising those types of things...
Out there.
I do have responsibilities after all.
But I remember what I heard today...
that creativity is a thing to be used and nurtured.
So I sit,
Determined to continue sitting,
Right here,
Under the big round mirror,
Where the yellow chair is comfortable sometimes,
Bitingly uncomfortable at other times,
Where the laptop is all mine
And I can write
Or edit pictures.
To my heart's content.
I can create.
And it does make my heart content!
Right here
In my yellow room,
Where sunshine comes in softly,
comfortable and inspiring.
Where the antique bed stands ready in case of guests,
But right now empty,
Freeing this room for me to play,
To nurture the creative,
Under its friendly gaze...
In this room,
Right here.


(in response to the suggestion at
http://seedlingsinstone.blogspot.com/2010/08/on-in-and-around-mondays-room-with-view.html )


  1. Thank you, Kim. I struggle so much with whether taking time to be creativity is the same as being available to God, useful to his kingdom. So many hurting hearts out there, so much need and misery. Dare I give myself the luxury of just enjoying doing art, writing, photography? I'm too weary and weak to get these things out where other people can be blessed by my outpourings, can somehow see God through what I do, instead of only "hey, look at me!" Sometimes the need to create, the ache to create, but not really having time and energy to go to the effort of creating (other than to think of such things in my mind) becomes a burden instead of a nurturing. Yet on the other hand, using my creativity is an act of worship, a reflection of my being made in the image of my Creator, the Master of Creativity, Father God.

  2. Kingfisher - Worship is the highest purpose for which we can use our energy. Worship can be in the folding of the laundry in a way that pleases Him, or in savoring the beauty of the nature that He created. It can be in service which is mundane or in that which is fun, and it can be in our creativity. I am still trying to figure this out: is art a luxury? If there is no food on the table, then yes, of course...basic survival needs must come first. But then? If God has designed me with a desire to be creative, than what should I do with that? I can't ignore the other responsibilities he has given me, but maybe I need to do more than just wait for a chance to write, to create. Maybe I need to make the opportunity. As one friend told me yesterday, "The laundry will always be there tomorrow." I can't neglect it, but sometimes it can wait a little while.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. I'm sure, whether anyone else ever sees it or not, that whatever creativity you do as an act of worship is seen by God Himself, and He is the best audience of all, the only one we ever really need to find our fulfillment. - Kathy

  3. Imagine my surprise when I opened this to find the color of my walls and a mirror like an old one my mom used to have.

    And your words were also like a touch of home.

    Thanks for sharing with us! :)

  4. this is good... it makes me breathe slower and relax just reading it. I'm glad you posted it for people to see. -KB


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