Thursday, January 22, 2009


46. Friends who help you remember who you are.

I went out for coffee today with some friends I haven't been able to be with in a little while. Before getting together with them, I was beginning to feel stressed and almost a little overwhelmed with the details of life. But spending a couple of hours with friends with whom I can really relax, friends with whom I can be totally honest, and who love and accept me no matter what... is so refreshing! I come away remembering what matters to me, remembering that I am loved, and feeling more calm. Hanging out together helps me sort out life. Trivial worries fall away, and my focus is cleared. My soul is rejuvenated and I remember what I'm about. I am so thankful for friends who really do help me remember who I am.

I also was reminded of some other things that bring delight to my life...

47. Natural red hair.

48. Winsome baby faces

49. Watching a mom teach her children important things, like how to count to 5, or the names of colors, or how to be respectful and considerate of others.

50. Trying a new tea that turns out to be delicious

51. The sound of sparrows twittering in tree, apparently lost in their own birdy conversations.

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