Sunday, January 4, 2009

Practice Post with Pictures

This is a practice post. I want to figure out how to add pictures. Several. Like this one:

In which daughter and I camped out by the Christmas tree Friday night, because we wanted to enjoy it while we still have it. We pulled out the couch into a bed and slept by the tree, just for fun.

And then this one, taken Dec. 1st :

Of our road in the snow. I love our road. We live in a pretty place right now.

And this one, which I took with my phone when I was out driving the other day. Just before I shot this picture, the wind was blowing snow off the roof of this red barn, and the huge cloud of powdery snow was backlit by the sun. It was so stunning I pulled the car over and took a picture. The cloud of blowing snow was gone, but I like the picture anyway. The strong colors and the bright sun make it.

As long as I'm showing you pictures, I want to show you the kind of snow we had this winter so far...

December 1, the adirondack chairs out in my yard.

December 19,

December 21, The same chairs. Lots of snow!

And December 23, same chairs in the yard again:

We had a white Christmas! And then some!

Weird thing, though -- the Saturday after Christmas it all melted! Got up in the 50s and RAINED! Green grass was showing and it was... not typical. Flooded roads and everything. Like spring, only in December.

It's back to winter now. Normal amount of snow in the ground. These lonesome snow shovels are from January 3rd. I expect they'll see some more action before the winter's done. They're taking a break right now, though.

OK, maybe I can get the hang of this picture thing. We shall see how it turns out. Thanks, Kathi, for the tips.


  1. OoooohhhhH... beautiful snow photos. We've had our first shower of snow (which has settled) here in Birmingham, UK. Nothing as substanstial as what you've got over there (lol). Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kathy my dear,

    I had no idea you were going to take to blogging so well...I almost have a hard time keeping up with you. I need to keep posting. I miss you,


  3. Emilie, my dear - I miss you too. We need a craft night this month, don't you think? We all need to see each other, I think, here in the deep midwinter. Else we might get depressed. And grouchy. (-: That would not be good. -k.


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