Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blossom Time!!

Finally! Forsythia!!

After a few warm days in a row, the forsythia began to blaze last week! The first bush to flower around here, every year its bright yellow color convinces me that spring is really here after all, and winter is past.

Also, we have daffodils,

Little grape hyacinths are blooming...

...and the Tulip trees and fruit trees are blossoming!

Whites and pinks are showing up all around town. And in the orchards, standing all in rows, they remind me of pretty young girls dressed up for prom, looking so charming and ready for something special to begin.

The lilacs are just beginning to think about flowers; they have a way to go yet.

The non-flowering trees are budding and beginning to leaf out, too!!

The willows are the first to show their yellow-green color, and you can see them from a long way away, like banners across the valleys telling the world that they are serious about bringing in spring .

I am glad to see it. We all are.

There is something, I suppose, about waiting, that is valuable. Jen brought that to my attention recently. I'm sure the hard work of waiting when you can do nothing to hurry time brings us some kind of reward, a developing of patience and virtue, maybe. But this does nothing to make me like the waiting any more, and while these last few weeks of winter's waning have held promise and beauty, it is warmth that we want and need, and it can be harder than you might imagine to wait for it. Seeing the blossoms on the trees helps. Having a few warm days here and there helps, too, even though it's too early in the season to plan on having them regularly. we'll take what we can get... it is so good to see spring!!

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  1. Isn't it beautiful??!!! We've been reveling in the newness, too!


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