Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Picture

Sweet daughter, lover of nature, shows her precious
niece the tiny ants walking along the crack in the sidewalk.

There is such joy in sharing what you know with one you love.


Today, I am incredibly thankful for:

87. A daughter who loves

88. A grandgirl who is so adorable

89. The unique love of family

90. Ants (as long as they are outside, and they don't bite)... fascinating little creatures.

91. Sunshine

92. Being blessed with Daughters-in-law who are so easy to love

93. Busy days full of life

94. Quiet evenings at home

95. Errand running day (Thursday, each week)

96. Having a friend come with me on errand-running day, just for fun

97. Being of help to someone when I didn't expect to be.


  1. # 96... Id love to go with you whenever your out my way. I love your company. #97. is my favorite...i'm glad God let us see/help them.

  2. Nice pics. Yes, I was fascinated with ants as a child, and we had some pretty good sized ant hills at our place where Mom still lives in Ohio.

    And yes, we indeed do have so much to thank God for. Particularly today, and this weekend, as we reflect on the great act of God in our Savior, Jesus our Lord.


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