Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sunny Weekend, Part 2

We have a really cool town. Remember in January I wrote about ice skating? That was so much fun! Lots of good memories were made that day. I even posted a video.

Well, this town just keeps on thinking of good ideas that way, and this past weekend was another good time. Friday's drumming (see previous post) was part of a celebration of local artists, and Saturday, there was a "chalk on the sidewalk" event. No kidding! How cool is this?? Yes, they actually gave out chalk to anyone who wanted to participate (or you could bring your own) and they let everyone color the sidewalks downtown. It was great!

So, Daughter and I went down and checked out all the artwork that was already there.

There were giraffes, fish, butterflies, a giant gorilla,
and lots of dragons.

There were swirl designs and earth designs,
and slogans about the earth and love
other good things.

We saw people working on their creations - grown ups and children alike.
Everyone was having fun.

This is actually the same circle where the ice skating took place this past winter! It looks a lot different now, covered in chalk designs instead of snow and ice!
There was also music, and some people were dancing, jumping up and down to the beat.
And if you wanted, you could but a t-shirt to help with the cost of the chalk, etc. But I couldn't, and they were fine with that. I think they truly just want to let people have fun.

We saw this guy drawing a little blue waterfall that ran down
over the edge of the curb,
and splashed on the sidewalk.

We ran into some good friends and talked a while on the sidewalk, and then we got some chalk and colored. What fun!

I liked the colored bricks we'd seen here and there so we colored some too.
I added a few little designs: a leaf, a heart, a sunshine, etc. Sweet girl had found
a really bright orange-gold color that looked good wherever she put it.

Sweetness got into her drawing, and the artist in her took over.
Other cares of the day were forgotten.

And this is my little pink whale. I think he's kind of cute. Silly, but cute.

We really had fun. I also got the girl an ice cream cone, which in my mind had to make it a perfect day. It was great. I appreciate the somebody who comes up with these good ideas in Our Town.

Thanks, unknown people of fun!


  1. Oh what fun! Someone needs to keep me posted on these fun events in Our Town.... somehow I miss these fun little things!

  2. Nice pictures and what a great comparison of Rosa Parks Circle during ice skating and the chalk flood. I hope they continue this every year. What a success!

    Glad you had fun!


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