Tuesday, April 21, 2009


After the last couple posts, here are more "joys and thank yous" (things that give reason to be thankful):

111. Drumming on the sidewalk, outdoors where the sun and breeze add to the experience.
112. Good coffee, hot, right when you wish for it
113. Friends who help with parking and stuff.
114. A delicious sandwich that someone got for me so I wouldn't have to go hungry.
115. That kind of friends.
116. Good drummers who let me be part of it too.
117. Drumming.
118. Dancing outdoors
119. Watching people having fun with the music that I help to make, seeing them smile
120. Shakers shaped like fruit!
121. All different kinds/walks/styles of people brought together through the drumming

122. Walking outdoors on a warm-enough day in the early spring
123. The sparkle on the stream as it dances over and around the rocks, singing on its way (I'd sparkle too!)
124. Time with my kids, making good memories
125. The first blossoms of spring
126. Funny shaped trees
127. Our Town, and the people of it who come up with such good, fun ideas!
128. Chalking the sidewalks with lots of fun colors
129. Babies in carriers, taking in life with their parent
130. The smell of fresh coffee
131. Little, friendly dogs who aren't too scary
132. Coffee art!

Isn't this cool? It makes the drink even better!

Yeah, there is so much to be thankful for!!

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