Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Malling" with the girls

We went Malling, the girls and I.

Two daughters were gonna go out. Walk the mall, browse, whatever. I though that sounded fun too. They let me come along... and we had the best time!!

We tried on prom dresses. I'm seriously going to try shopping the junior department next time I need a "Mother of the Bride" dress. They tend to be much cuter than traditional "Mother's" dresses. And less expensive. One of these with a shawl or jacket over it would work really well, I'm thinking.

Of course the best fun was in seeing daughter try on things she would never think of buying. Well, maybe she would now that she tried it on once.

Beautiful! Fun, interesting things way out of our price ranges. But no matter... we weren't buying anyway, just getting ideas.

We got sweet snacks at the food court to hold us over till supper.

We shopped the shoe stores and found all kinds of things we liked and lots that we didn't. Funny how I got to thinking of all the things I need that I didn't think I needed before.

But we got out of there without buying a thing, except for the snacks. (Yay, us!)

We walked the mall till our feet were tired, and low blood sugar made us realize we needed supper but also made it hard to think where we wanted to go.

We finally decided to go to a Mexican place right near the mall.

Endless chips and salsa for all, endless enchiladas for the younger, and guac to share for the other two of us. Plus beans and rice... a full meal for us all. They made guacamole right at the table, and it was delicious!! We were having such a good time we even succumbed to the desert menu.

The Mayan chocolate cake is delicious. I had a tiny bite and am wishing to go back when the diet I'm on is past.

It was husband's idea for us to go out for supper. He's cool that way. He likes to see us happy. He said, "Just bring something home for us"... so that's what we did. We stopped at Wendy's on the way home and got the guys Doubles and Frostys. They thought it was wonderful!

I love having fun with my kids. Sometimes I have to be all serious and act like the responsible party. I can do that. It's important. But other times it is good to just relax and have a good time with them. They are great people to hang out with, and I'm glad we could do it.

(All these pics were taken with my cell phone. Yeah really, I know.
Not recommended, but I wasn't going to bring a big camera along.)


  1. Your daughter looks great in those dresses! I think its funny how we find all those things we never knew we couldn't live without! The mall will do that, and Target did that to me the other day!


  2. Thank you for all the loveliness!! I so enjoy your news and photos. Love to all! Jayne

  3. Your time spent with your girls at the mall brought back fond memories shopping with my mom and sis. Awwww, I miss my mommy! Sniff Sniff


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