Sunday, March 8, 2009

At the Gardens

Here in Our Town we have a botanical garden which is full of life and beauty at any time of the year. Going there lifts my spirit in the dead of winter, and breathing the moisture in the Rain Forest room always feels very healing to me.

Right now there are butterflies at The Gardens! Last week, one day when I was feeling the weariness of late winter, I went all by myself to The Gardens to smile at the butterflies and breath in the fragrances of the flowers. The air was warm and humid, far different from the cold, harsh dryness outdoors. It was refreshing, rejuvenating.

Here are a few pictures, because beauty should be shared sometimes.

I don't know the names of these butterflies, any of them.
I just know they are beautiful and fascinating.

They have a lot of different orchids at The Gardens.
Some have no smell, others seem to fill the room with perfume.

It was getting to be late afternoon, and I decided I needed
to get home to fix supper for the family.

So I did, but...

When I got home, just as I began the cooking, I got a phone call from a friend offering me a free ticket to the Symphony that night, where one of my favorite groups was performing, along with the Symphony, and some drumming friends of mine were opening for the concert! I was so incredibly excited, I left the cooking in the capable hands of my offspring, and got dressed, and flew out of the house as fast as I could, looking and feeling good. It was a great gift and a wonderful night. But that is another story.

Maybe later.

Meanwhile, enjoy the flowers and butterflies till spring comes for real.

And for the record, today I am thankful for:

71. The gardens - beauty to savor - with friends or alone, always refreshing

72. The Symphony, and getting to go to a concert - a rare treat

73. Husband's love of music

74. French Horns, clear and pure

75. The deep, mellow sound of the cello

76. The serpentine, which is just a strange, interesting instrument, with a very mellow, even muted sound, because it is made of wood covered with leather. (I like the sound of the horn better, but this thing is very interesting)

77. Bedtime, after a full day

78. Mornings full of promise

79. Blogging (-:

80. Friends

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  1. Mornings full of promise ~ yes, indeed! Lovely, lovely ~ this place of yours ! Thank you, thank you! Jayne


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