Monday, March 9, 2009

Little signs...

Ok, everybody, just some quick news:

I heard the mourning doves two days ago!! They were cooing their soft, mellow love songs, and was I ever glad to hear them!!

I saw a woolly bear caterpillar this morning! But wait, don't they show up just before winter sets in?? Who's confused, me or the little fuzzy guy?? He was cute anyway, caterpillars just are.

The daffodils are inching upwards:

Remember how they looked before?

So -- that's progress, right??

Also, we heard and saw geese flying in formation last week, heading back north. (-: Geese honking is a unique sound. This time it was an announcement of spring soon to come, and we were glad.

A few days ago we had warmth up to 60 degrees! And on those days, the birds were beginning their incredible spring songs. Not at full volume yet, but they were getting warmed up for the big concert!

And... the snow is gone! The sheep can get to the grass now! It is last season's old brown grass, not very pretty to look at yet, probably not very nutritious for them, but at least we can see it!

We're getting there.

On the other hand, the buds are not yet swelling on the maples:

Nope, nothing yet. But we know the sap is running, and we can be patient a little longer.


  1. I think those geese you heard were the ones I chased out of my yard yesterday. (-: Love your pictures! J.

  2. oops..I was chasing them last week too. (-:

  3. Last week AND this week? Girl, you gotta find a different hobby! (-:

  4. Training...I am training them to 'keep out'. Believe me, its an issue here. (-: No, you don't have to imagine how I look while I'm doing this. ha!


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