Monday, March 23, 2009


It's Monday.

I have three days worth of dishes stacked all over the kitchen. There are no clean knives left in the knife block, three out of four cutting boards are in the stack waiting to be washed, the spoons are all used up and so are the forks. I have only a few glasses left, no bowls, and about half my mugs! The rest are in the pile-up on the counter.

Welcome to Monday at my house!

The living room has laundry -- folded and stacked on Saturday -- waiting to be put away. It covers the couch.

I already ate breakfast, emptied two very full trash cans and took them outside, found a new source for the plants I want to buy later this spring, returned an important phone call.... and started on the dishes.

Thankfully, I do have more energy than a few weeks ago, now that the gray winter is giving way to sunshine. I can do this, with the help of the fam...

But still.

Do other people have Mondays like this?

(I think it's the result of a very good weekend.)


  1. LOL, I thought I was Over at Denise's Place!!!
    I stay busy and the cleaning falls behind daily.

  2. Ace calls it a dish emergency. I'll have to share with him about "results of a very good weekend." Every Monday our home looks like a hurricane went thru and every monday I kick butt with the clean up. Only because I have lots of energy stored up from a restful Sunday. Tuesday morning I can no longer think straight since I consumed all my stored energy on Monday. So, what do you do on Tuesdays?

  3. Tuesdays I cruise, unless I am still recovering from the weekend. When I had all smaller children, it seriously took me till Wednesday to recover from the weekend, and then Wednesday night we'd go to church and that would do me in till Friday or so. No one believed me, and I was exhausted most all the time! If I were to do it over, I would know enough to stay home when I needed to.

  4. Well, my house is a mess on lots of days of the week :)

  5. Amy - Mine is too, but Mondays tend to pack a wallop. Saturdays here are sort of for relaxing and fun. I like to take it easy on Sundays as far as possible - We go to church (that's enough work, getting everyone in the car on time, etc.), we rest, and in the evening, we try to enjoy some time together as a family. No laundry, no dishes, if I can help it. Mondays I face the consequences. I guess it's worth it, but it still surprises me.

  6. Ha! Thanks for allowing us to see a glipse of a real person's home ... we can all walk around feeling a bit more normal now. :)

  7. When I first saw your photo ~ I thought, "how colorful and cozy!" When I realized dishes were needing washing, then I knew why it looked so much like a wonderful home to me. Jayne


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