Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Geese, above and below

Hey, Friends -

I'm trying something new... It's Theme Thursday, as invented by the creative mind over at, well... ThemeThursday.

The theme for today is "Animal".

And I was thinking about those geese I mentioned last time. The ones who fly beautifully over us, spreading the good news of spring to come.

The same ones my friend chases out of her yard, because... well, because "Yuck", that's why!

Geese confound our aesthetic sense, and pull us in two directions.

Like this:


The grace of geese in lofty flight

Is contradicted by the sight

Of slimy muck they leave behind,

Apparently just to remind

The populace that they were there

When they have taken to the air.

(c) June 2, 2003

Yep, it's true. Kind of like the rest of life, there are two sides to everything. Aesthetic, intellectual, and emotional contradictions pull at us everywhere . We know it, and we choose to revel in the beauty while we try not to step in the slimy mess.

Happy Thursday!

"Enjoy something wonderful today."

Revel in the beauty.


(The quote at the end is from my precious daughter in law who knows how to savor life. And no, I did not take today's' pics - they are randomly grabbed off the internet because it's hard for me to focus on a moving target. And yes, I did write the one-sentence poem about geese.)


  1. I once worked for a man who taught me that you don't have to remember or do everything yourself, you just need to be able to find the information when you need it. This post is great and a perfect example of that.

  2. We have so many geese in our neck of the woods. It's hard not to step in those lovely grey green globs. But I do love their majesty.

  3. nice wild goose chase here, and funny poem.

  4. Well ! You let me enjoy something wonderfull today. Because of your post I remember my oncle who had visitors just like the one on your picture. Make me smile. Thanks :o)

  5. What Ronda said (well something similar ). By old boss owns a house by the lake. Every spring it a nesting haven for geese. To see all the little goslings running round. Cool poem, as well. And welcome to Theme Thursday:)

  6. This was a very nice post and loved that first picture!

  7. Hello and welcome to Theme Thursday - and thank you for calling our minds 'creative' because that's certainly what this post is!

    Used to take the offspring to feed the geese & ducks at the park, and it used to fret him no end that I would make him put his shoes on first.

  8. I saw a flock flying over last weekend and thought how magnificent they looked. But, I remember how they would leave muck all over the walkways at work, It was so bad the company acquired a dog to chase them off,


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