Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March is here!

It's March! I cannot tell you how glad I feel to be past February! And these first four days of March have been full of sunshine! Everyone here can feel the difference. It is still very, very cold outside, but it is expected to warm up some for the weekend. That will be great! Still, even with the cold (it is still winter, after all), the sun's brightness is making a big difference in how we feel. So I am celebrating the fact that we made it through February and here we are in March!! Yay!

Also - daughter got a new job at a department store to complement the old one working with kids. And it looks like she'll be back at the greenhouse once the seasons change. She loves working at the greenhouse. Three jobs?? Well, if she can do it, she will do it. I'm happy for her.

March is also the month when Husband had planned to put our land up for sale. He called someone Monday who he thinks may have contacts that might be interested. Waiting to hear. Now that he is no longer at his main job, we need to sell, and we need to get a good price. We'll see.

That's the news for now. Will keep you posted.


  1. Oh, we're all feelin' ya on the March of Spring over here!! Miles has been asking for WEEKS when Spring will be here, and today he asked if March was when spring would come. I said, "Yep, Spring is on it's way, isn't it?!" and he says, "It is?! Did Jesus bring it to us?" :) What a perspective that the seasons, and anticipation of them are such a gift!

  2. I love it! Little people sometimes have such a great way of restoring our perspective.


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