Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tiny salad, no dressing

Well, I harvested the first "veggie" of the season!! One little dandelion leaf, just bigger than my thumbnail. It tasted all of life and springtime, a small celebration! I found it growing where a flower was greening up through the brown, one little dandy lurking in among the flower's leaves. I plucked it, rinsed it, and popped it in my mouth. Yum! I do love springtime!

The first - only the very first - dandelion greens of the early spring are not too bitter. They are easy to eat. Later, very soon, they turn strong and, while they are still healthy, they are not as tasty to me. So when I can grab the early baby leaves I love to munch them. Usually I miss the chance, watching for signs of spring when it has begun already right under my nose.

So today that one little leaf was delicious, like ingesting a bit of sunshine. I'm sure so tiny a treat didn't bring much real nutrition but I felt like it was a small victory for me not to miss out on it this year. I am going to be looking for a few more.

Yes, and so I am thankful today for:

81. The first dandelion leaves of the spring, tender and sweet

82. The warming of spring
83. The birds' crazy, wondrous, glorious concert as they each announce the parameters of their own space and set up their apartments
84. Having Miami son here for a visit - we all dearly love having his company.

85. The quietness when sweet young daughter is working on her schoolwork by herself and doesn't need my help at the moment.
86. Seeing the first robin of the spring.

See him there among the bare branches?

(pics: Dandy in the flower's space; Oldest son with second born; Oldest with youngest; the first robin of the season out my front window)


  1. Oh yes, the wonderful arrival of Spring. Vegetables growing wildly for us to harvest. Happy to see you were able to savor the first taste of Spring.

  2. I didn't know about the dandelion leaves. I will have to watch for them no as I do the other sings of spring!

  3. excited that spring is here. my father in law used to pay the kids to capture the dandelions and he would turn them into wine. have fun withyour son in town!

  4. incidentally i had some salad at dinner and there was a caterpillar in it!

  5. One more day til Springtime!

  6. I have the best memories of driving out in the country to gather dandelion greens with my grandmother, back in the late 1950's.

  7. Great post!
    An healthy post as well!
    Great day to you

  8. Grandma used to make dandelion wine. Pretty potent stuff! And you're right; the greens do taste a bit better, if you can get to them early :)

  9. I like dandelion greens too though I've never dug up my own. Love the spring too.

  10. I haven't tried dandelions, though we can get them at the organic market. Happy Spring!

  11. I so want to go find a dandelion!

  12. have yet to experience dandelion eating (or drinking for that!)

  13. Is dandelion wine a vegetable?

  14. Kris - I think dandelion wind should count as a veggie. Just my opinion. I have never had any, so maybe it would not be my fave, but still...

    Mouse - me too, see above.

    Megan - Go for it! I bet you have some. I bet you could find recipes online, too, for salad, jelly, whatever you want.

    Tut-Tut - Organic dandelions! How cool! The wild ones are free, though!

    Reyjr - caterpillar? Well, that's one fresh salad!! Wait... was he still alive? No? Maybe not so fresh then. Well, you know what they say - better than finding half a caterpillar!

    Brian - Thanks, we are having fun! (btw- I like that your grandpa paid the kids for their dandelions.)


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